Meet Our Team

Staci Lowry


 Staci Lowry is experienced in Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE)Voter and the  Activation Network (VAN). 

 She is the owner of Black Unicorn LLC and  has carved a niche for herself in field planning and technical assistance, making her a key asset to social justice organizations.  

Chrishelle Griffin


 Chrishelle Griffin specializes in communications and events, helping nonprofits and small businesses grow their digital footprint. 

Chrishelle is the owner of Consult Chris LLC; she has six year's experience as a multimedia journalist.  

Alisa Lomax


 Alisa Lomax is the heart of operations for 

T. Ramsey and Associates. She focuses on the development and execution of operational best practices.

 Alisa works behind the scenes, through her unique management approach, to ensure project success, client satisfaction and retention. 

Quanah Edwards


Quanah Edwards has over 20 years experience as a skilled personal/virtual assistant; and, once was the family assistant to hip hop legend KRS-One.  Quanah is a published author and freelance writer, which has also been beneficial for her virtual/personal clients.

Tanith Rice-Harris


Tanith Rice-Harris is an experienced writer specializing in the areas of editing, proofing, grant writing, resume writing, copy editing, and product description.  Having a genuine love for the written word, Tanith has served as a Contributing Writer for Nia Magazine and she is also a published author.  

Kermit Williams


Kermit Williams is a public servant known for his advocacy campaigns for democracy at the local, county, state and federal level. 

Kermit is a dark blue Democrat that has been working for over 15 years to make Michigan welcoming for all through ordinances, policies and laws.